Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer Summer

End of school activities always makes life a blur and I always think that summer will bring long, lazy days of summertime fun. Somehow the lazy days never happen quite like I think they will and we are off and running, packing our days full with swim team, friends, and late night outings.

Of course, "packing our days full" isn't really full like I used to do "full". My two sweet toddlers certainly make life different these days and just a day at home seems full enough to me. Add in a few errands and a fun activity and this mama gets tired out easily.

Here are a few photos of our last couple of months of life.

Family Day 2013: Celebrating 7 years as a family with Elias! We had a picnic at the park and played sports together. 

This was Elias' 3rd year to participate in swim team. It is awesome to see him swim and even win races against 2-legged swimmers. The first swim meet I had Tessa with me so had to carry her in the front and Elias on my back to get him back and forth from the pool to the ready bench. I was quite a site.

 Mother's Day 2013

  Elias got a cool new leg- Avengers!

 Tessa loves spicy salsa. Our second kid to be able to out-spice their Mommy. (Hint: the kid who can't handle spice doesn't have brown skin). Genetics are amazing!

 In June Elias got to go with his disabled sports group to a ropes course. He was so brave and was the first one to volunteer to climb the wall. He then climbed it at least four times and then did the zip line several times as well!

The first week of July we went to Laity Lodge Family Camp. That week deserves its own special post so more pictures to come later.