About me

I am Meagan Brown, an extrovert who is actually becoming more of an introvert the older I get and more kids I have.

I care about adoption, racial equality, eradicating poverty, refugees, justice and other buzz words of the day. But more than all that, I am passionate about learning to be content in the seemingly mundane moments of my days because these moments are the ones that will collectively make a brilliant, meaningful life. Weaving the mundane together with my passions is still an art I'm trying to learn.

Chase and I aren't brilliant, visionary people with a master plan for our lives and family. But a few years of highs, lows, successes and disappointments have taught us that all we really want to do is say "yes" to what God is offering us at the moment. I believe it's always a choice.

Our kids are three of our best yesses we've ever said. Elias came to us from Ethiopia in May 2006. He was born with a severe leg deformity, his leg was amputated six months after he came into our family and he learned to walk on a prosthetic shortly thereafter. You can read about some of that here and here and here. After we adopted Elias we started the adoption process again. It took a long, long time (5 years!) and in the meantime God miraculously healed my body and I got pregnant with Merin. And finally we had the honor of adding Tessa to our family from Ethiopia in January 2013. Tessa was born with no legs and is also missing her right arm above the elbow. She's already changing the world and everyday we are amazed that God chose us to be her family.

I don't blog regularly but I do my best to post at least 1-2 times a month.

The internet has a funny way of making other people's lives seem glamorous and perfect. In order to keep it real, I'm posting this picture here because it captures the "real" story behind the professional photo shoot and is a good glimpse into how I really feel on most days.

and here is the "fake" one where we finally pulled it together (sort of)

Thanks for stopping by!

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