Friday, April 27, 2007

Walking for Marshmallows

Several people told me they couldn't access the other video, so here it is again. This video was taken on 4/9 of some of Elias' first, unassisted steps on his prosthetic leg. Now 3 weeks have gone by and he's walking on his own most of the time. He's even trying to run! I'll try and capture new video soon and will post it here.


  1. That's awesome!!!!! Keep it up, Elias!!!
    Karen Teoli

  2. Whooo hoo, go Elias!

    I've added you to

    What a great family!

    If you'd like to add a link to swerl, I'd appreciate it.

  3. I am moved to tears! Can this be the same boy that we photographed for you last year?!?!?! Elias, you are a champion!!! Mom and Dad, thanks for listening to the call to bring this little guy home! You really are such a sweet, sweet family!