Tuesday, December 11, 2007

By the Numbers

3: Days that Chase was on the road with his mom and our two cats.
5: Number of car/truck loads of stuff that we hauled to Goodwill.
6: Number of offers we had on our house before we actually sold our house. (Closing date not until January).
8: Number of hours that it took to load and then unload the moving truck.
19: Number of people that helped us by packing, loading, etc. (Okay I admit, some of those people were paid movers, but I considered them my best friends at the time). :-)
178: Number of boxes that I packed along with my amazingly supportive friend Jayana.
6,000: The total poundage of all our earthly belongings.
1368: Cubic footage of our stuff.
1,637: Number of miles that Chase drove from New York to Texas.

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