Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mom, just go somewhere!

Elias had his first day of preschool this past Wednesday. Buying school supplies, picking out his lunchbox and getting his backpack ready was a huge deal for all of us!

I stuck around his class for about 10 minutes and Elias finally turned to me and said, "Mom, just go somewhere!" I think he was more ready for this than I was.


  1. Very, very cute. And his new school looks so happy I can't blame you for wanting to hang out there. Wes thinks Elias' shirt is cool, incidentally.

  2. Little man...I think I will be a nervous wreck in a couple of years when Dominic starts...Oh geez...
    karen teoli

  3. Funny stuff. Taylor had the SAME response when I took her. She shooed me out of the room with her little hand.

  4. Hey megan, can you do me a favor? We would love to get some info. on Ethiopia adoptions. The chinese baby option might be a closed door. Did you have to go there twice? What were the hoops like? I don't have your email, so sorry I had to post this :)