Wednesday, September 30, 2009


The Monster Truck Show came to town again, so we surprised Elias and took him and Elijah. The whole thing was a surprise, and while they asked an occasional question, they never really even wondered why we were driving so far or buying tickets for something.

Elias on the way to Elijah's house. Totally unsuspecting.

So excited to be together.

We stopped at the only restaurant we could find- authentic Mexican food. I even had (got) to order our food in Spanish. And the boys' favorite part was drinking Jarritos.

Elias takes a picture of us.

Video:They figure out where we are!

At the Pre-Show Pit Party

Fans are interesting and butt cracks are funny to young boys.

Check out the backflip and then the boys' reaction!

A little Monster Truck action for your viewing pleasure. The truck hits the wall at the end of the video- the driver actually passed out and they had to carry him out on a stretcher!


  1. that butt crack a lady? and did she just take her shirt off??? CRAZY!

  2. love the picture of crack....only in Austin!

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