Sunday, February 21, 2010

Future Para-Olympian

Elias was so so so excited to try out the prototype for his running leg this weekend! He's been anticipating this for a very long time and it was awesome to see him finally run with a "real" running leg.

Chase is especially excited because he was able to fit a knee on the running leg. Usually kids start out with just a straight bar instead of a knee. While it will be a little more difficult to control as Elias learns to use the running leg initially, he'll run much better and with correct form in the long run if he starts out with a knee now.

The first day Elias put it on he convinced me to wear it all day, including during his nap. Then he cried and cried when he didn't get to wear it to school the next day.

The running leg has also inspired his imagination about what it will be like when "he runs fast and wins a race and gets a trophy." He's been practicing a special run with his arms raised in the air like a champion.

And a champion he truly is.


  1. That is so amazingly cool!!!

  2. Wow! Very Cool. I'm trying to raise awareness about the WWF in my Blog. Please check it out

  3. that is awesome!
    Run, Elias, run!!!

  4. I am in awww of this little boy, such and amazing inspiration. We miss you all...

    Tracie Cantie

  5. Love it! Hope you are doing well stranger! p.s...our little boy's middle name is "Elias"!

    -Kristin (Brockman) Sowers