Sunday, February 17, 2013

TWO Weeks Home

Funny how easy it is to lose time perspective when life has so many dramatic twists and turns in a short time period. Two weeks feels more like two months at this point and several times a day I have to remind myself that "it's only been ____ days/weeks."

At this point, counting the time home helps me celebrate the victories with more vigor and be freer from the burden I feel from transitioning our sweet new daughter into this strange new life of hers.

Overall Tizita is doing amazingly well. When I consider life through her perspective, the transitions must be so overwhelming. I can't believe that she is so content, smiles often, eats well and seems to genuinly love being with our family. God's grace and love is covering all of us.

It takes a lot of effort to develop attachment with children who were adopted. It's Chase's and my job to build trust with her and teach her that we are her family forever.  I love to look into her eyes while I'm feeding her a bottle before bed and repeatedly tell her: "You are so loved by us." "We will always take care of you." "You are safe in our family." "We are so honored to have you as our daughter." "We are so proud of you."

We are also not going out of the house much at all so that she can get adjusted to life with just our family. In her orphanage, an average of 10-15 people held her every day! We are limiting holding and feeding and bathing and all other nurturing activities to just our family. As our attachment and her trust grows we will expand her circle little by little. I thrive on activity and interaction with people so it's a huge switch for me to stay at home all day. But it is so worth it and I really feel such grace to be content in this. Plus, it's just so hard to go anywhere with the two little girls that staying at home is just easier and more peaceful!

We've had lots of victories this week with Tizita...

* THREE new teeth have sprouted.
* She likes to feed herself with a spoon.
* She is rolling from side to side more often and with more strength.
* She will sit and play with things in the bumbo, even holding objects between her little arm and cheek while she uses her hand to grab something else.

Elias and Merin are continuing to love on Tizita and are adjusting better to having to share our attention with her. Merin loves playing with T and can entertain her for a long time by stacking toys on her bumbo tray, sharing snacks and reading to her.

Merin gathered an audience of dolls and strollers and read a book to Tizita. Notice her plastic high-heels.

Merin said she wanted to "be a princess" so I dug out this dress that I had saved for her. She immediately began twirling around and giggling. Love!

Tizita LOVES to play and squeeze her little arm.

First time for blueberries
I think she likes them!

Feeding herself with a spoon

The sisters playing kitchen. Notice how Tizita is holding the spoon with her little arm!

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  1. Meagan, I love her!! And I love hearing your story!