Saturday, October 12, 2013

Photo Dump

I haven't been much of a blogger at all lately. Life is full and amazing and tiring and at the end of the day, I just don't have a lot of brain activity left to say anything interesting or useful. But my wonderful father-in-law has been asking for a blog post. So this is for you Bill!

HAIR- people ask me all the time how I am handling Tessa's hair. It's interesting to me the automatic negative connotation that black hair gets- lots of sighs and eye rolling and exasperation. But really it isn't all that bad and in some ways, Tessa's hair is much easier than Merin's hair. I'm fortunate to have  friends teach me about good, natural hair products. That and Tessa just has really great hair.

I bought Chase some coveralls for his birthday. He loves them and I'm not kidding. Here he is putting them to good use.

Elias and I had had a great date before school started- shoe shopping (for him), dinner and a movie. Taking out our kids for one-on-one time is so much fun!

Elias participated again this year in All Can Ski- an amazing event at Sea World San Antonio where people with disabilities get an opportunity to water ski around the lake. The first year we went, Elias was chosen to receive a custom ski and he loves it! It was made just for him and there isn't another one like it! He's getting braver and braver. One of these days we'll own a boat and then he'll become a pro.

Elias' fans at AllCanSki
Merin was playing with a battery-operated airplane and got the propeller stuck in her hair. Oops. We had to cut her hair to get it out but not before I made her pose for a picture.

Here is Elias on his first day of school. Merin was super excited to go along to see him off, but when he lined up with his class after the morning assembly to leave for the classroom, Merin had a total meltdown over him leaving. It was sad but actually pretty cute. :-)

Tessa is getting her first wheelchair! Here she is sitting in an electric wheelchair for the first time. She LOVED it! We still have this demo chair at our house while we wait on insurance for her own chair. Teaching a one-year-old how to drive isn't easy but she sure loves driving around outside. The chair is perfect for her size and when she is sitting in it, she's eye level with Merin.

Football Dude
Playing in the rare Austin rain!


Beach Bum
We took a quick family trip to attend the funeral of my uncle in Corpus Christie. Getting to go to the nearby beach was a little bonus and the kids loved getting to run and play on the beach!


Sister love


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  2. Yay! You guys look amazing!! So fun to see you all!