Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Tessa is on the move

Tessa's has progressed so much in her mobility. When I first met her she couldn't even sit up in a bumbo, much less move around. 

After mastering the bumbo, her first attempt at mobility was scooting on her back: 

Then her main mode of mobility became rolling..... rolling......rolling. She started slowly at first in June and now she's like a speed steamroller. Merin and Elias try to roll with her but their legs always get in the way so Tessa always wins the race. 

The other day at Walmart Tessa was begging me to let her roll down the aisle. But I just have to draw my boundaries somewhere and just couldn't let her do that. I'm okay with the filth on my own floors but I'm not so sure about Walmart. 

Here's a video of my rolling queen: 

Isn't she awesome!?

A challenge has been figuring out how Tessa can go from laying on the floor to sitting up independently. She started sleeping in a twin size bed recently that has a bed rail on it. One morning I walked in to get her and she was sitting up! She had figured out how to swing her little arm around the rail and pull her body up to a sitting position. 

So that got my wheels turning on how I could make something that she could use to do the same thing in the other areas of our house. I also wanted a walker for her. Then I saw my friend Kristin's blog and the walker they are using for their son (who is just like Tessa). It was easy to create the walker, spray paint it red (Tessa's choice) and put some flowery duck tape on it and now Tessa is "walking". She LOVES it! The low side allows Tessa to pull herself up independently and then she can use the other sides for movement.

Next up for mobility is her new wheelchair which arrives tomorrow. We can't wait!

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  1. I can't begin to tell you the joy I got watching these videos~ I found you through flower patch farm girl and am so happy that I did! She is gorgeous and what a character!