Tuesday, January 14, 2014

One year ago today

this sweet girl became ours!

What an amazing year it has been to see her transform before our eyes. I loved looking through the pictures from our blog post on this day last year when she legally became ours and we could finally broadcast her picture to the world. Wow!

I captured a few photos of her today demonstrating her newest milestone- sitting up independently! This is huge as it takes so much core strength and balance to be able to do this. She is so proud and we are too.

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  1. Wow Meagan -

    Somehow, your photo of Elias on the track with his friends at the Endeavor Games in 2010 has been doing the rounds on the internet lately. I wanted to find out where it came from, and I found your blogs.

    I am so moved by you and your family, and what you have done to give your kids such wonderful lives in spite of two of them having physical disabilities. I see you haven't blogged in a while... but I hope that you will continue to do so from time to time (with photos) so we can see how you all are doing.

    Thanks for your part in making the world a better place... and for giving me some beautiful positive reading for this evening.