Friday, March 13, 2009

Making a Leg- The Series Returns

Well the "Making a Leg" series was very short-lived. There was about a five month delay on getting Elias' new prosthesis made. Daddy Prosthetist (DP) made several prototypes with different designs, but many of them didn't work for Elias.

A couple of these practice legs would fall off several times a day. Let me tell you that is not convenient when you're running across the Walmart parking lot with groceries and your 38 lb son in your arms and have to go back and pick up a leg in the parking lot.

Anyway, the final product is in and it's a huge hit! It was originally going to be Spiderman leg but Elias was captivated by some "flames" fabric at Hobby Lobby that took the look of his prosthetic leg in a whole new direction. I asked him why he chose the flames and he said he wanted it so he could "fire everybody". I told him to call Donald Trump.

So here is a picture of E on fire. Now I'll back up and finish the rest of how the prosthetic leg is made.

P.S. My apologies to all our fellow Aggies who notice the blatant display of disrespect in the first picture. Austin has had a bad influence on our son and we're trying desperately to gain some ground in this area. :-)


  1. Hook em!!!! That's one smart kid!!!!! No apologies needed here!!!! :-) Elda

  2. That's one handsome kid. He's totally working those flames!

  3. Oh I love him soooo much!

  4. I could just picture you running back for a leg in the parking lot...I got a great laugh and a sweet smile in my heart as I pictured it! He is beautiful!

  5. Okay....he's so smart and so handsome!

    Miss you guys!
    melissa S

  6. Chase - Don't forget which school you got your education at to make him that awesome leg! Hook 'em Horns!
    karen teoli