Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hurry up and wait

"Hurry up and wait" is sort of the theme of any adoption process. Parents fly through paperwork only to wait for a response. Race through fingerprinting and then wait for results. Act immediately and promptly to any blip of an email from their agency only to get no or slow response in return.

We've hurriedupandwaited for 4.5 years now with this adoption and so it's sort of become the norm for us. So to be real honest, it was a HUGE surprise for us when the embassy agreed last week to expedite our case.

I thought that we had a decent case: child missing three limbs, respiratory infection, boils on her back, etc. But still all we asked for was permission to grant the medical appointment before the passport. We thought this would help decrease the average 2-4 month wait time between court and embassy just a little.

So it was a huge surprise when we got an email back from the embassy a few hours later saying that they would expedite our whole case (and not just the little medical appointment)!

I shouldn't have been surprised because I know how God loves to show me that He's into the details and wants to take care of us. But this has been a long hard road with so many twists and turns that I  just really don't know what to expect anymore.

When we got word that our case would be expedited, I launched into planning mode, trying to figure out whether or not I'd stay here with Tizita while Chase and Elias went home on the original return flight. There was a flurry of emails and conversations and prayers with friends, family, agency and embassy and in the end we decided that I'd stay here.

And the best part of all!?! My two sisters are coming! They are leaving jobs, kids and family and coming to be with me for a week to help with Tizita and we'll all fly back home together. Isn't that just an incredible blessing!?! I feel SO loved.

We still need prayer for our adoption case though. We've hit a hurryupandwait bump in the road because MOWA (the Ethiopian government agency in charge of adoptions) has still not signed a letter that we need to get Tizita's birth certificate and passport. The passport usually takes at least a week and we don't have that much time to get all that processed and cleared through the embassy. And the letter has been prepared and is sitting on the official's desk waiting to be signed. He has said he will sign. However, he didn't show up to his office for the past two days. Argh.

Chase and Elias left yesterday so I'm here alone and feeling rather vulnerable. I take custody of Tizita tomorrow and it'll be just us two gals for 3 days (which I'm looking forward to) until my sisters arrive.

Will you PLEASE PRAY! For God to move just one more mountain in this adoption case so that we can go home on Wednesday, 1/30? I'm ready for us to be a family of five!

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