Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Introducing... Tizita Ann Brown

Tizita is ours! We went to court on Monday, January 14 and the judge declared that Tizita is officially part of the Brown family.

Our travel to Ethiopia was 36 long hours. The plane in Houston had mechanical problems which meant a late departure and a missed connection in Frankfurt. Fortunately we were able to catch a later flight on Turkish Airlines (best airplane food EVER!) through Istanbul. We didn't get to bed until 4am Sunday morning and slept until noon.

Elias was hyper and ecstatic with anticipation when he woke up.  We got our things together as quickly as possible and walked to the orphanage.

We entered her room and there she was near the door, all decked out in a fancy dress and her hair decorated with pretty little barrettes. She was just absolutely precious and the first moments between her and the Brown boys was so tender and sweet. 

On Monday the court process was rather anti-climatic. We were crowded into a nondescript room with other adoptive families and finally the court assistant announced that it was our turn. We entered the judge's office and sat in chairs along the wall while she reviewed our file.  She then looked up and asked us a series of questions to which we replied with short answers (as instructed).

After just a few minutes of being in the room, the judge looked at us and said, "Tizita is now legally part of your family" and we all got a little emotional. She then added, "This adoption cannot be revoked or changed in any way." Elias immediately said, "Why would she even say that?" I love that he is so secure in families made permanent through adoption.

We've spent everyday at the orphanage with our sweet daughter. She is hesitant with us, especially Chase as she isn't used to being around men. But with each visit, she gets more comfortable at the end and smiled and talks a little.

Having a laughing, affectionate child who bonds with us immediately sounds dreamy, but it's not preferred. We want her to be hesitant. We want her to be selective in who she bonds with. All this shows that she is not "shopping for a mommy" and is forming attachments carefully. She is very bonded to the Sisters and cries for them whenever she hears one of their voices. They immediately take her and snuggle her close and she gets calm and happy. We know that one day soon, she'll be doing that with us.

It's a strange feeling to have a daughter who is living away from you and being cared for by others. But we are thankful that she is loved and favored and we know God is protecting her and covering her with peace.
Walking up the steps to the orphanage
Chase meets his daughter
"She is precious!"
Sister and brother meet for the first time

Family photo (she isn't too happy here)

My first time to meet her in November

With the Sisters


  1. Congratulations guys! She is beautiful! Hoping the next few days are filled with much joy.

  2. Happy tears!!! She is beauitful! We love the pictures with her family. Praying for a speedy end to the process.

  3. She is so gorgeous! Those eyes!!! Can't wait to meet her!!

  4. I was in Ethiopia this past summer with Visiting Orphans. I held your daughter and absolutely fell in love! I have prayed for her nearly every day! Someone sent me a link to your blog and I am just overwhelmed right now!! I am so thankful that she is has a family who loves her!!! She is just precious! Congrats! P.S. I will dig through my pics and see if I have any I can send you of her earlier days.