Friday, April 12, 2013


Easter is my favorite celebration of the year. I love taking the season of Lent to reflect on the radical salvation and redemption we have in Jesus. This year was especially meaningful as we have experienced so much rich life in the past couple of months with our time in Ethiopia, meeting Elias' birth family (which I still need to blog about but it was so incredible and sacred that I just can't put words to it yet) and of course bring home our miracle daughter Tessa.

The transition to three children and the challenges of adoption have squeezed me a lot. And on many days the result has been pathetic- I'm tired, too controlling, easily frustrated and feeling defeated in my failures of the day. So this year Lent and Easter came at the perfect time for me to experience the power of the gospel right in the midst of my low estate.

These truths:

God is continually working in me and will complete the work He started. (Philippians 1:6) It's not up to me!

It is God who works in me to will and to act in order to fulfill His good purpose. (Philippians 2:13) I don't have to try so hard- God will do it!

Because of Jesus, I am radically accepted and loved by God. There is nothing I can add to this to make life any better- no self-improvement, good behavior, or performance (being a good mom, wife, friend and getting the laundry done and a clean house and serving others and and and) is necessary for me to experience the deep acceptance I long for. I am free and loved! 

have been renewed for me and I am so deeply thankful!

So, all that to say.... Easter was a HUGE celebration for us as our hearts overflowed with love for Jesus and thankfulness for Tessa in our family. We had some friends over and Chase smoked an amazing brisket and we ate, laughed and were merry.

Dying Easter Eggs Together

Chase's awesome brisket

The Egg Hunt
On the hunt for eggs
Eggs are so exciting!
"Choc-et" is delicious

Tessa watched the action from the back porch and had a great time with her own plastic egg.

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 We tried to get a picture of the sisters together in their matching dresses but that proved hard to do and made for an awkward picture since Tessa kept falling over.

And waiting until the end of the day to try again for a sister shot and one of the three was equally difficult but at least they are all in the picture together! (Not shown are the jelly beans we used to bribe Merin for these pictures). 

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  1. Watching the video's and reading your blogs was the most heart warming thing I've experienced in a while. you and your husband show so much care, compassion and are truly a family of God. My aunt Jerusalem is the one that told me the story after i saw your family picture on the wall. May god bless you and your family and please keep the blogs coming.