Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Video of Tessa

Most of my blog posts revolved around Tessa these days, but she's just so darn cute and we are amazed at her progress. I promise I do love my other kids too. :-)

Tessa loves to show off her little arm and when we say, "Where's your arm?!", she loves to pull it out of her shirt. I was trying to get a video of her doing that but she had other ideas and the video is cute nonetheless.

We have been working with Tessa to get her moving and she has finally started scooting around on her back. She just figured out her own way to move by pivoting her head and bottom across the floor. It takes it quite a while to get somewhere, and she usually moves in circles. But she loves it! The progression (hopefully) will be more scooting, then rolling, then maybe crawling, and then eventually getting around while upright using her hand and torso to pivot around.


  1. We love you Brown family!!
    I watched this with my girls and we are so thankful for you guys and how you are a true model of radical love!!

  2. Wow, I can't believe how far she has come but it's all credit to you guys!!!! You are awesome and she is so lucky to have you!!!